PyroForCE (Pyrolyse For Construction Elements)

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Question and Content

The objective of the cooperative project “PyroForCE” was the development of a novel wood facade cladding for urban multi-story construction. A carbon layer was produced on the surface of various forms of wood-based materials though a burn procedure. This process is called pyrolysis and it makes wood more resistant to parasites and fungi while also reducing flammability. Issues of flammability and fire behavior of wood is very important when used in urban facades.

To date, wood has gone through chemical treatment for use in facades, which is indeed an obvious contradiction to its properties as a natural building material and CO2 storage. It is precisely this paradox that “PyroForCE” attempted to resolve with this feasibility study. Pyrolized surfaces would additionally allow for new design possibilities for multi-story buildings in timber construction.

Benefits and target group

Machine-based processes of pyrolysis were developed and tested in the framework of the project. The carbonized wood materials were measured against the elements in a weathering chamber and its fire behavior was tested in a burn chamber. The aim of the research was to transfer the procedure's potential to industrial prefabrication techniques. There has been long-term economic potential in the successful execution of this feasibility study due to strengthening of the existing timber-manufacturing industry and new application fields for wood in urban construction.

Support from the Hybrid Plattform

Consulting and support for funding acquisition, proposal writing and expert contact facilitation.