Pellta One

As the first installation of the series "Signs of the Augurs - on the curse and blessing of technological developments" Dominik Annies, Philipp Hainke and Peter Glas present the project "Pellta" with prototypes and research in the outdoor showcase of the designtransfer of the UdK at Einsteinufer 43. "Pellta" is a device that is supposed to create a secure place for confidential conversations.

Every year, Germany suffers billions of euros in economic damage, around 88% of German companies are affected and 28% of them are threatened by eavesdropping. Private users of smartphones also have little control over what information the phone records and passes on - this is what "Pellta" is designed to prevent.

It is often impossible for the user to understand which programs are actively recording sound. Even when the device is turned off, it is not completely off. This is a problem especially in business and research contexts. The smartphone often accompanies us around the clock, waiting to be addressed by touch or speech. "Pellta One" was developed to create a retreat for confidential moments. "Pelta One" is the equivalent of tape on a webcam for the digital world.

Externally, the prototype "Pellta One" looks quite unassuming, reminiscent of a simple dark silver box that, when opened up, looks like a laptop that has come up short. Instead of a keyboard, there is a square opening into which you can place the smartphone(s). When the phone is in the "Pellta One", it cannot hear or see anything of its surroundings. It doesn't matter whether the smartphone is on or off, information is protected.

A specially developed process actively prevents the phone's microphones from picking up and transmitting acoustic signals and conversations. Silence reigns for the user. The telephone always remains accessible and audible, but "hears and sees" nothing itself. The devices are both developed and manufactured in Germany. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is supporting the technological development and its patenting.

"Pelta One" is shown as part of the series "The signs of the augurs" of the designtransfer until 05 January 2022. The series explores the curses and blessings of technological developments and asks how design can interpret the signs, take responsibility and help steer the direction for a more humane, free world. Everyone is welcome to participate in conversations or contribute via visuals, videos and installations.
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The projects and research will subsequently be published in a publication.

Photos: designtransfer