Hybrid Talks XVI “Games”

Image domino pieces © Robert Müller

© Robert Müller

Thursday, February 5, 2015, 6 p.m.,
Hybrid Lab,TU Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 145, Room EB 326

Our next Hybrid Talks are dedicated to the field of “games”, with its manifold meanings. As much as people tend to agree on the general idea of this concept, no one in the sciences has yet been able to set down a universally valid definition. A connection does lie in the fact that games basically do have some common structural and behavioral characteristics. On 5 February 2015, you’ll learn which sciences deal with “games” and what knowledge can be gained from studying them.

There will be contributions by:

  • Holger Prang
    TU Berlin | C H O R A city & energy | Institute for Urban Design and Sustainable Urban Planning

  • Christian Huberts
    WASD Gaming Bookazine | Editor
    GA Hochschule der digitalen Gesellschaft | Lecturer