Studio Class – Politics of Machines

Studio Class – Politics of Machines

In this studio class the ethical, social and political implications of technology with a focus on ‘automation’ versus ‘autonomy’ had been discussed. They practiced and formulated critical perspectives on the politics of machines, discovering phenomena on the topic and shadowing the material regimes of power that we ourselves live within – hindering and compromising our own personal devices and thus our own conducts, in order to uncover latent power structures embedded in everyday life. Furthermore, drawing on the approaches of research-through-design and critical making, they prototyped possibilities and provocations, integrating critical thinking with critical fabrication. The outcomes of the class had been displayed in the context of the Politics of the Machines conference (POM BLN) took place in November 2020.

Prof. Dr. Michelle Christensen & Prof. Dr. Florian Conradi

Technische Universität Berlin
Faculty I - Humanities and Educational Sciences
Institute of History and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Literature

Seminar, Freie Wahl