Co-Creating Home: Summer Academy 2019 at the Multihalle Mannheim

In examining the central question “How do we want to live together?” some 100 students from all over the world will develop creative solutions at the Summer Academy Co-Creating Home in the Multihalle Mannheim.

The continual expansion of our cities and the associated rising pressure on the housing market have stimulated the construction of new neighbourhoods and districts. New city residents demand typologies ranging from specific housing needs to use neutrality.

Well-planned residential concepts meet the demands of a dynamic urban community and bridge the gap between the private sphere and urban population, between individual housing needs and the collective, between the needs of today and the housing of the future. In the realization of these concepts Frei Otto’s thinking reveals one potential manner of making an essential contribution to society by means of an open process and iterative approach.

The goal of the Summer Academy was both the construction of experimental interventions that examine issues related to an open society and transitory housing in a collective and participative process, and the interdisciplinary development of integrative cooperation forms in order to adapt the concept of “home” (and public life). Participants had been assigned the task of developing modular (residential) spaces that will be fabricated 1:1 in the Multihalle and that can be reconstructed and operated in the Herzogenried-Park during the summer months in accordance with seasonal conditions. The alcoves will be brought together under a single roof in line with Frei Otto’s rediscovery of the Multihalle. The Summer Hotel consists of prototypical room modules that create possible uses that extend beyond traditional accommodation and housing provision.

The residents of the neighbouring city district had been encouraged to actively participate in usage workshops and actively included in the process. Students in every phase of their studies and from all faculties could apply. The project utilized an interdisciplinary approach. In addition to the actual construction of the residential experiments, integrative action strategies around the issue of “home” and public life had been developed.


Symposium + Social Lab
02 - 04 August 2019

05 - 16 August 2019

Topping out Ceremony
17 August 2019

Multihalle Mannheim

80 - 100 students from all over the world