New Podcast - "Kollision"

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"Kollision" is the title of our new podcast, and on November 16, 2023, we will release our first episode! This podcast, produced by the Hybrid Platform, aims to explore the Charlottenburg Campus in a post-disciplinary manner, shedding light on various perspectives on art and science. Its goal is not just to ask questions but also to facilitate lively discussions.

In this inaugural episode, we take you on a captivating journey into the world of transdisciplinary curation of art and architecture. Our first guest, Lukas Feireiss, is a renowned curator and author who has expanded the boundaries of creativity in these fields. We will learn more about how he experiences the world of transdisciplinarity in art and science and how he imparts his insights and ideas to students.

Lukas Feireiss serves as a guest lecturer at the UdK Berlin and teaches in the lecture series "JUXTAPOSITIONS: Perspectives on Contemporary Cultural Production," which also serves as a practical seminar for students. Students from diverse academic backgrounds work here in an environment of constructive criticism and creative collaboration. The expectations and desires that Lukas Feireiss has for the participating students are a topic that we will extensively discuss in our conversation.

Furthermore, transdisciplinarity plays a central role in Lukas Feireiss' work, as exemplified by his project "Weak Signals." Here, the connection between art, science, and technology is explored as a source for changing paradigms in dealing with the complex global realities of today and the future. It is essential to address the role that curators and artists play in societal and political issues, as well as the responsibilities they bear. The role of societal and political themes in Feireiss' curatorial work is another subject we will explore.

The "Kollision" podcast is an invitation to explore the world of art and science in all its diversity and to meet inspiring individuals from both universities. We look forward to you getting to know our podcast starting from November 16, 2023.