Kollision - 3dr podcast episode

Foto:Moon Goose Colony, 2011-ongoing © Agnes Meyer-Brandis, VG-Bildkkunst 2024


The upcoming podcast episode, which will be released on 03.04.2024, is dedicated to the fascinating artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis, whose work operates at the intersection of art and science. A Berlin-based artist with a background in mineralogy and sculpture, Meyer-Brandis has established an impressive career in the artistic exploration of complex scientific concepts.

Her work moves between fact and fiction, translating complex themes such as weightlessness, communication between humans and nature, and the influence of clouds on climate into aesthetically pleasing artworks. She is best known for projects such as "One Tree ID", which transforms tree identity into a perfume that can be applied to the human body, enabling an invisible, biochemical conversation based on volatile organic compounds and plant communication. Equally well-known are her works such as "METEOROS", in which she explores weightlessness and outer space by means of a floating cloud in an enclosed space, and "The Moon Goose Colony", a fictional tale of geese living on the moon.

Her interdisciplinary approaches have earned Meyer-Brandis worldwide recognition, including awards such as two Prix Ars Electronica Awards of Distinction and the European Kairos Prize. Her projects are not only thought-provoking about scientific concepts, but also offer aesthetically pleasing dialogs between art and science.

The upcoming podcast episode promises a deep insight into works by Agnes Meyer-Brandis and offers an opportunity to explore the connections between art and science. So be sure to listen to it on 03.04.2024.

 Click here for the podcast: https://youtu.be/6t5-Srx1QM8