Hive #03 - apply now!

Hive #03 is starting in January 21, 2019.
Apply now on thecamp before september 30, 2018!

The Hive is a collaborative residency for talents from all over the world to hack the future.
It was created in response to a wish to maintain a permanent artistic and creative structure at, the base camp for exploring the future located in Aix-en-Provence. It is the creative heart of the campus each year and hosts around forty young people in creativity residencies, providing them with tools with which to work differently and exchange among themselves by encouraging collaboration. This format is unique in Europe and the world and is entirely dedicated to collaborative, multidisciplinary and multicultural creation for the connected generations.

Thecamp is a base camp for exploring the future!
Taking its inspiration from American universities, think tanks and fab labs, thecamp is a space where innovative expeditions are planned to survey, assess and invent the future in a collaborative way. It provides the optimum conditions: a human ecosystem for co-creating, methods and tools for prototyping, partners for innovating in the field, spaces for winding down and activities for discovering new things and creating ties. This base camp is a starting point for mapping out new orientations for tomorrow, using collective intelligence and guided by a humanist vision. The discoveries made on the way will enable us to invent an exciting future through new ways of living, working and collaborating. Nutrition, health, mobility, education, environment... we want to create new and positive paradigms for mankind and the planet.

Previous Hivers:
The Hive's first "graduation" class for example were twenty young creators, ten girls and ten boys aged 16 to 30 representing ten different nationalities (France, Tunisia, Senegal, Netherlands, Brazil, United States, Italy, Colombia, Taiwan, and Spain). Among them, film-makers, digital artists, SFX specialists, designers, engineers, programmers, makers and innovation managers. Connected and adaptable, they have invented and prototyped at the same time in a world where everything is instantly accessible. They were born DIY-ers, pragmatic pathfinders and, above all, young creators who are deeply committed to tackling environmental and societal issues.

They were presenting 7 projects for an exciting future. The first twenty "Hivers" hosted on a collective creation residency from September 2017 until March 2018 at the Hive, thecamp's international center for exploring the future, have returned from expedition. The young pathfinders' adventure lasted six months and produced seven exciting and innovative projects, the fruit of the collective intelligence of these Millennials hailing from the four corners of the Earth. Their blending of low technology, creativity and design had one single objective: to bring new enchantment into the world and make it more human and more sustainable... drawing force from a multicultural dimension.

So, if you are artists, makers, coders, engineers, innovation managers, research scientists or a combination of these, if you want to live a multicultural experience of collaborative creation, apply now!
Hive #03 is looking for 20 young talents from all over the world willing to live a collaborative experience to hack the future within thecamp’s international ecosystem! Through an immersive and collaborative experience in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, talents in residency will collaboratively define 5 projects contributing to our planet’s grand challenges with two goals: explore disruptive innovation and federate a community of change-makers.