Hybrid Talks #40: Transparency

© Anselm Kiefer (1991) 60 million peas (census). Floor sculpture, 500 lead books with peas on steel shelves; Height: 415 cm, width: 570 cm, depth: 800 cm; Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin), Marx Collection

Thursday, 5th November 2020, 6 p.m.
Livestream (below)

"Transparency" is the focus of the 40th Hybrid Talks. The presentations will range from such subjects as visual transparency to the revelation of facts. At this event translucent materials, optical processes and translucence or even permeability in architecture will take center stage. Transparency will also be discussed as it relates to decision-making processes, supply chains and in the context of the provenance of art works – even honesty and sincerity will play a role. Experts, researchers and creative professionals from the fields of art history, fashion, nonlinear optics, architecture and communications strategy will strive for clarity and transparency in 10-minute lectures and will show us how they achieve it.

The speakers are the following:

The Hybrid Talks (held in German) are part of Berlin Science Week 2020. They aim at promoting mutual inspiration and invite networking. Representatives of different disciplines encounter each other and share their perspectives on the topic “Transparency” through short 10 minutes presentations. The participation in the event with questions and discussion inputs will be possible through the online-chat.

The Hybrid Talks are a conversation format initiated by the Hybrid Plattform, a project platform of the Berlin University of the Arts and the Technische Universität Berlin. The platform serves the cross-disciplinary exchange of art, science and technology.