Hybrid Talks XXXVI "Turbulence"

© Digitized Sky Survey by Roberto Colombari, Robert Gendler & Federico Pelliccia

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 6 p.m.
Hybrid Lab, TU Berlin, Marchstraße 8, 10587 Berlin

Change can come about in different ways: sometimes it happens slowly and surely, while other times it is hardly perceptible until you suddenly notice that something is different. Other kinds of change take place quickly, more or less (un)expectedly, making themselves felt like a brief moment of turbulence. In meteorology turbulence plays a major role. The whirling activity on a dance stage can remind us of powerful natural phenomena. In the field of communication the smallest things can have major consequences and affect great changes. The surfaces of objects are subject to and elicit change, causing currents to take shape or blocking them. At our 36th Hybrid Talks we will get to know the diverse facets of this phenomenon. Representatives from the natural sciences, dance and creative communication will explore the subject of “turbulence”. We’re looking forward to an exciting evening and hope you’ll join us!

Following speakers will address the topic:

  • "Used up togetherness - Bodies, conflicts and collectivities"
  • Prof. Dr. Sandra Noeth
    UdK Berlin | Inter-University Center for Dance
  • "Turbulent times - the influence of climate change on weather extremes"
  • Dr. Marlene Kretschmer
    PIK | Research Department Earth System Analysis


The Hybrid Talks aim at promoting mutual inspiration and invite networking. Representatives of different disciplines encounter each other and share their perspectives on the topic “Turbulence” through short 10 minutes presentations. After the presentations we will continue our exchange across individual disciplines in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Hybrid Talks are a conversation format initiated by the Hybrid Plattform, a project platform of the Berlin University of the Arts and the Technische Universität Berlin. The platform serves the cross-disciplinary exchange of art, science and technology.