Hybrid Talks XXXI »Swarm«

Saturday, 21st of July 2018, 6 pm
Room 158, UdK, Hardenbergstr. 33, 10623 Berlin

Groups of animals, masses of people, dance ensembles, computer programmes and crowds in general are all covered by the term “swarm”. The functioning of groups reveals a great deal about behavioural patterns, can generate knowledge and facilitate the creation of new spaces through the collective. We will hear from bioinspired robots that make it possible to study the decision-making behaviours of animals. We will learn how civic participation can improve journalism, how communication works beyond individuals and much more. The 31st Hybrid Talks will provide an in-depth look into the diversity associated with “swarms” and their manifold importance for science and research. The event will take place parallel to the Open House of the UdK. A tour of the artists’ studios, usually not open to the public, is highly recommended.

Following speakers will address the topic (lectures in German language):

  • "A swarm calculus"
    Prof. Dr. Christian Blümelhuber

    UdK Berlin | Institute of Communication

  • "Systemic support for the management and control of a robot swarm"
    Dr. Daniel Graff

    TU Berlin | Communication and Operating Systems

  • "Collective behavior and collective intelligence"
    Prof. Dr. Jens Krause

    HU Berlin | Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Studiesn
  • "Aesthetic forces of the swarm: questions on 'dancing-together'"
    PD Dr. Sabine Huschka

    UdK Berlin | Inter-University Centre for Dance

  • "CrowdNewsRoom: Why do we journalists investigate together with citizens"
    Jonathan Sachse


The Hybrid Talks aim at promoting mutual inspiration and invite networking. Representatives of different disciplines encounter each other and share their perspectives on the topic “Swarm” through short 10 minute presentations. The 31st Hybrid Talks are hosted parallel to the Open Days at UdK Berlin. A tour of the artists' private studios is highly recommended.

The Hybrid Talks are a conversation format initiated by the Hybrid Plattform, an transdisciplinary project platform by Berlin University oft he Arts and the Technische Universität Berlin in the heart of the Campus Charlottenburg, Berlin.


Here you can find the documentation of the Hybrid Talks.