Hybrid Talks XIV “Sketches & Sketching”

Image visitor interacting with installation

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Thursday, 10 July 2014
Hybrid Lab, TU Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 145, room EB 326

Ideation, documentation, communication

Sketch making belongs to one of the oldest procedures that research possesses to organize knowledge. Up through today, sketches have contributed to knowledge creation in numerous disciplines. The arts are not the only beneficiaries; natural sciences, mathematics and many technical disciplines turn to sketching as a tool in thought and realization processes.
Often the unfinished, the preliminary, even sometimes the intimate are represented through various methods of illustration; these are the central object of an inquiry for a research program in the works at the TU Berlin and UdK Berlin. It will be a dual investigation into the realization processes that occur during sketch making. The research along with a computer analysis and synthesis of sketches will bring about a better understanding of sketch making. For one, a light will be shined on the realization process that occurs during or through sketching in several disciplines. The research goes further into how sketch making can be computer analyzed or even synthesized.

These topics will be picked up for the next round of Hybrid Talks.

There will be contributions by:

  • Prof. Marc Alexa
    TU Berlin | Computer Graphics
    "Can Computers understand Sketches?"

  • Dr. Karin Krauthausen
    HU Berlin | Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory
    "From Paper to Paper: Notes as Sketches"

  • Dörte Meyer
    UdK Berlin | Plastische und Räumliche Darstellung für Architekten
    "Untitled - Thoughts on the Sketch within the Artistic Process"

  • Guillaume Couche, Pierre Paslier, Seyi Sosanya
    Royal College of Art | Design