Hybrid Symposium “Digital Self-Quantifying”

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Third Wave, an agency for digital strategies, and the Hybrid Plattform, a place for the transdisciplinary projects of the UdK Berlin and TU Berlin, are organizing the symposium “Digital Self-Quantifying: Life Made to Measure?” on May 11–12, 2012, followed by workshops in the EIT ICT Labs in Berlin on the theme of human beings and data collection.

With every smart phone that is sold, the theme of self-quantifying and self-assessment grows in relevance and volatility. Digital devices are being used to measure and compare data on the body, health, and lifestyle. The proponents of the Quantified Self movement are convinced that the analysis of human data—sleep times, blood pressure, etc.—can help anyone to improve his or her life. This widespread movement has far-reaching effects, and not just on individuals.

The symposium on the first day and the workshops on the second will shed light on the themes of the human being and data collection from a wide range of perspectives: What data can be collected and what can be read from it? What happens with the data? What are the social and economic effects of collecting data? What developments are emerging in this technology? What disciplines are involved and to what extent?

This event will, as usual, take a transdisciplinary and hybrid approach in order to derive new information about our future from the resulting productive collisions.

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Venue: EIT ICT Labs, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin