Call for Papers and Artifacts: “Sketching, drawing, scripting, modelling”

© Anna Katrine Hougaard

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© Anna Katrine Hougaard

In the context of the conference “Sketching, drawing, scripting, modelling – Artefacts of designing and their knowledge practices”, the 4th Forum “Architekturwissenschaft”(Architectural Research Forum) dedicates itself to design processes in architecture, design and engineering. Thus sketches, drawings, blueprints, collages, scripts, renderings, models and simulations will take center stage. Coupled to different media, techniques and methods, these design artifacts will be examined as current knowledge practices as well as in their historical development.

The format combines the conference and exhibition to present all theoretical contributions and artifacts in one space of discourse. This makes it possible to combine practical aspects and experiences with theoretical and historical questions and to relate them to one another. Researchers from architecture, art, design research, philosophy, cultural and media sciences as well as related fields are invited to discuss their research projects. For the 4th Forum “Architekturwissenschaft”, proposals for theoretical contributions as well as artefacts can be submitted: as an abstract for "classical" lectures (max. 20 minutes) or as an artifact for the parallel exhibition with an accompanying abstract for a short presentation within the conference's program (approx. 10 minutes). The artifacts will be contextualized at the conference in short presentations and will be part of the exhibition in the conference facilities, to then be further exhibited at the Architecture Museum of TU Berlin. The Forum is based on three main themes: operativity, mediality, methodology.  

Call for Papers and Artefacts: Until March 31st, 2017 an abstract (up to 500 words) can be submitted for the lecture, a short CV and illustrations of the artifact. The acceptance of the contributions will be decided by mid-May.
Conference: 11/16 -18/2017, TU Berlin
Exhibition: 11/16 – 21/2017 at the TU Berlin Architecture Museum
Main lecture: Jane Rendell, Bartlett, UCL  

Further information and contact details can be found here.