Hybrid Performance. Dancing at the Edge of the World.



Thursday, March 18, 2021, 6 p.m.

Livestream performance followed by Q&A with participating artists*, designers and scientists*. In English, The video can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • 6:00 - 6:40 p.m. : Greeting and screening of the performance
  • 6:40 - 7:30 p.m. : Discussion and Q&A

Dancing at the Edge of the World is a piece of postdramatic theatre, a physical poem, a ballad of humans and machines. This performance was developed by REPLICA and their collaborators during a period of artistic research hosted by the Berlin Open Lab of the University of the Arts Berlin in autumn 2020. It represents a poetic exploration, which shifts the locus of knowledge production for AI-design by rooting it in the experience of the body. This is a work-in-progress, showcasing a semantic sonification of movement as a synthetic voice attached to the body by means of a wearable device.

The choreography of the piece becomes generative of acoustic traces in space, which are remotely reminiscent of a spoken language. It is a living cartography: fueled by the moving bodies of the performers, exposing their capabilities and limitations. The technology becomes a medium for interconnecting, as well as for interrogating the embodied agencies engaged in a polyphony of exchanges and interactions.

The performance unfolds in a series of episodic movement sketches, each scene an experiment — an exploration of interwoven movement, embodied memory and technique. The knowledge of the body as a living archive reveals itself through its performativity and is underlined by the voice from the machine. The non-linear narrative hints at the vulnerability of the individual, as well as its reliance on the other. 

Information about the team:

Performance | REPLICA & Friends

  • Diana Serbanescu alias Neranti | artistic direction, dramaturgy 
  • Kirsty May Hamilton  | dramaturgy, performance
  • Dimitri Cacouris  | staging, performance
  • Joana Chicau | choreographic design
  • Kate Ryan | performance
  • Saraï O'gara | performance
  • Angela Monaco | performance
  • Emma Collauzzo | project assistance 

Creative technology

sound design | kling klang klong


REPLICA is an interdisciplinary performance collective and laboratory for embodied experimentation with digital tools, new media and speculative design. They envision the dance-theatre of tomorrow — playful, subversive, interactive, underpinned by new emergent cultures and social change — and explore how technologies permeate the collective unconscious to generate new aesthetic codes. Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations with scientists, designers, creative coders and new media artists, they imagine and rehearse future societies with their folklores, and prototype new tools and rituals.

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