Welcome to the new Hybrid Lab!

Image Hybrid Lab opening

On June 16th the inauguration of the new Hybrid Lab took place, staging the XXth Hybrid Talks on "Computational Design". Brilliant speakers enriched the audience of over 100 guests with a series of speeches. Here you will find the more in-depth roundup of the Hybrid Talks including photos and audio recordings.

First speaker, Prof. Dr. Jörg H. Gleiter teaching Architectural Theory at TU Berlin, outlined the historical background of computational design, linking its current developments within architecture to techniques from the Renaissance. Prof. Sven Pfeiffer, currently visiting professor for Digital Architectural Production at the TU Berlin, focused in his talk on the opportunities of digital technology in the architectural practice. In his view computational methods and processes allow for flexibility, enabling architects to experiment in the virtual domain and thus increasing their creative freedom as designers. Our third speaker, Prof. Dr. Nathalie Bredella, currently visiting professor for Architectural History at the UdK Berlin, referred to the deconstructivist architect Frank Gehry. Bredella described his work focusing on its media aspects and the influence his design tools had on modern architecture. Reflecting upon the effects of using digital media in the architectural practice, Prof. Dr. Ignacio Borrego, head of the Architectural Representation and Design unit at TU Berlin, draw line to the context of academic teaching. He pointed out that the way a product is developed affects the product itself and, possibly even more importantly, the way teacher and students communicate about the results of their work. Completing the agenda of talks, New Media Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä from the UdK Berlin illustrated the potential of computational design in the artistic practice through an example. For the art installation "River is...", Ängeslevä created a complex surface designed to resemble a flowing river, frozen in time.

Prior to the talks, Prof. Dr. Christine Ahrend, Vicepresident of research, faculty appointment matters and promotion of young scientists of the TU Berlin, and the President of the UdK Berlin, Prof. Martin Rennert, opened the evening with warm words. Highlighting the openness of the new lab, symbolizing the idea of open-mindedness, they put emphasis on the importance of gaining new perspectives through interdisciplinary work and overcoming boundaries. The Hybrid Plattform with its new lab provides a place for such encounters for both – the UdK Berlin and the TU Berlin.

After the Hybrid Talks guests, speakers and our Hybrid Team had the opportunity to engage in an informal exchange of ideas to conclude the successful premiere of our new Hybrid Lab.

Remember: On July 14th, the next Hybrid Talks with the topic "Visualization and Sonification" will take place.

– Franzi