Bericht: Hybrid Talks XXXVI »Turbulenz«

On Thursday evening, the 27th of June, the Hybrid Plattform hosted the 36th installment of the Hybrid Talks series. Moderated by Prof. Dr. Stefan Weinzierl, the subject of the presentations circulated around the theme “Turbulence”.

Beginning with a guest from the field of contemporary dance, Prof. Dr. Sandra Noeth gave an inspired talk on the relationship between bodies, boundaries, movement, and conflict. Following her presentation was Prof. Dr. Jörn Sesterhenn, who captivated the audience with an overview of his research into the specific moment when the turbulent behavior of fluids begins to exceed the realm of predictability. Artist, thinker, and screenwriter Prof. Timothee Ingen-Housz shared insights into unusual connections between areas of human activity, and how constant input from the real and digital world gives rise to turbulent thought processes. The subject of the talks took a brief sojourn from our immediate world as Prof. Dr. Dieter Breitschwerdt gave a talk on the turbulence and physics within the interstellar medium. The final talk of the evening from Dr. Marlene Kretschmer gave a sobering view of the increasing environmental tendency towards extreme weather conditions as a result of climate change.

After a closing note from Professor Weinzierl, our guests and speakers were invited to stick around and engage in lively discussions over a refreshing drink to escape the intense heat wave creeping over the European continent last week.