• What does the name stand for?

    Hybrid means “cross-bred” or “mixed”. In the case of the Hybrid Plattform, it refers to a multiperspective approach for which, we hope, this project will provide a platform.

  • What is the idea behind the Hybrid Plattform?

    The Hybrid Plattform is a joint working platform of the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) and the Technische Universität Berlin (TU). It is committed to the productive encounters between varied artistic and scientific thinking and working cultures. Aim is, to have the Hybrid Platfform become a central address for creative exchange and a place of where students, researchers and teaching staff of both universities can meet up.

  • What can the Hybrid Plattform do for me?

    The Hybrid Platfform is flexible in its role as a supporter for projects and ideas. We act as advisor and coordinator, provide administrative support, provide necessary financial assistance and contact with the services of TU Berlin and UdK Berlin, as well as to other institutions on the Campus Charlottenburg.

  • Can I receive funding for my projects from the Hybrid Plattform?

    The Hybrid Plattform itself does not have any funding that could be used to support projects. We are, however, happy to advise you and mediate for you when developing ideas, establishing connections to outside funding agencies, and preparing applications.

  • Does the Hybrid Plattform provide equipment and rooms?

    We are represented on the Campus at the Hybrid Lab, a space for art & science projects from the universities that can be considered a neutral »third location« for workshops and seminars. The lab offers a working office structure and if required, the TU Berlin and the UdK Berlin together have numerous working spaces that might be used.

  • What does the Hybrid Office do?

    The Hybrid Office is the address for researchers, teachers and students on the Campus Charlottenburg who are planning to launch inter-/ transdisciplinary art & science projects. For them, the Hybrid Plattform finds the right cooperation partner. We often can access funding and put you in contact to other consultancy units on campus. For companies and other organizations outside the Campus Charlottenburg, the Hybrid Office can open access to the existing university potential for art and science, technology and design. The Hybrid Office also continues to organize various events in diverse formats, which serve to network and initiate project ideas.

  • Are research projects implemented at the Hybrid Plattform itself?

    No, the Hybrid Plattform acts as an interface between researchers, teachers, and students and does not provide funding for research projects.

  • I have an idea. How do I know whether it is suitable for the Hybrid Plattform?

    In principle we are open to any idea in the context of inter-/transdisciplinary work in art & science collaborations. The more specific it is, the more we can help. On our contact page you will find a questionnaire for those interested in cooperating with us. Please use this form for inquiries.

  • What does the Hybrid Plattform do for students and alumni?

    We also support students and graduates of the UdK Berlin and the TU Berlin with their own project ideas by looking for appropriate contacts on the campus and pointing them to the right advice centers.

  • Can I turn to the Hybrid Plattform even if I am not part of the UdK Berlin or the TU Berlin?

    Of course! Every idea with an interdisciplinary approach to research or art is welcome.

  • What is the connection between the Campus Charlottenburg and the Hybrid Plattform?

    Campus Charlottenburg is one of the largest contiguous university grounds located in the center of a European city. It houses the Berlin University of the Arts, the Technische Universität Berlin, and numerous research institutions and enterprises. The Hybrid Plattform is located on the Campus Charlottenburg. It is an initiative of the campus and a joint project of the UdK Berlin and the TU Berlin.