Hybrid Futures: Jan Kampshoff Introduction

© Hubertus Huvermann

© Hubertus Huvermann

We’re counting days to our first digitalized Hybrid Futures Event (28 May 2020, 8:15 pm, live at www.hybrid-plattform.org, with interactive participation via social media. In German language.) with speculations by Helgard Haug, Jan Kampshoff and Moritz Ahlert and moderation by Yvonne Zindel

After our first event in December the speakers of our second Hybrid Futures will gather together to discuss art and science between the realms of past, present, and future. Among them is architect Jan Kampshoff.

In the following, we would like to provide you with insights into Kampshoffs work on the nexus of architecture and urban city life, which offers a captivating base for interdisciplinary speculation on the subject. Kampshoff is a guest professor at the Department of Design and Construction at Technical University Berlin, after lecturing in Wuppertal and Auckland. For his distinguished work Kampshoff won several awards, including the Bauwelt Prize and the German Architecture Prize, furthermore, he was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award. Additionally to his lecturing Kampshoff leads the creative studio Modulorbeat. 

Kampshoff founded Modulorbeat while studying at the Münster School of Architecture.

Today the studio is run by Kampshoff and Marc Günnewig and consists of a network of architects, urbanists, and designers. The studio is mainly known for projects at the intersection of architecture, art, and urbanism.

Among others the studio has worked on a project for Skulptur Projekte Münster, one of the world’s most important public art exhibition happening every 10 years in the public space of the city of Münster. In 2017 Modulorbeat developed architectural infrastructures for information and communication areas. To create greater visibility the design of the service point was inspired by classic large-scale billboards in bold red.

Under the slogan “curate instead of build” Kampshoff initiated Freihaus ms. The project is a response to fast-paced changing of public spaces of cities and raises questions like

What do developments do to a city? Which spaces does culture need? Or: How should we shape the future of the city? The Project functions as a platform for interdisciplinary exchange for projects from a variety of fields and became a base for events. For instance Reset*Salon, which is a well-known event series  at Freihaus ms and was born out of the idea to bring artists together to initiate an exchange of ideas on a wide range of subjects.

We hope our introduction gave you a solid base for engaging in a vivid conversation with our speaker. For those interested in Kampshoffs practice and ideas we provided some further reading:

Freihaus ms

–  Tanita