Sustain.All is a collaborative platform in which people provide their knowledge, expertise or financial possibilities of sustainable projects that work on SDGS. It has set itself the goal of creating a digital exchange, support and learning platform for sustainable and innovative projects in order to accelerate the transformation for climate neutrality by 2045.

Sustain.All "A Collaboration Lab on Sustainable Development Goals" is the name of a module at the TU Berlin that is directed by Sustain.All. In this case it's led by two students of TU Berlin Bengisu Berispek and Sevval Aksu from Faculty 6 Process Engineering and it's supervised by Prof. Dr. Andrea Cominola, who is head of chair smart water networks and Einstein Center. This interdisciplinary program combines sustainability with technical innovations in the fields of water, energy, climate,education, forestry and entrepreneurship.

The aim of the program is to create sustainable and innovative research projects with students from different disciplines and to form cooperative partnerships with non-university actors and organizations in Berlin in order to build up sustainable development in social, economic and ecological fields.

Sustain.ALL project lab provides students the opportunity to create and work on their own project ideas. The project ideas of students will be supported and guided by tutors and project partners. So this project lab is basically open to every contribution in order to help to achieve the goals for a better future.

Apply for the next semester if you would like to be part of our lab and increase the impact of sustainable development goals!

In the lab we work with different methods to analyze Sustainable Development Goals, identify world problems and find solutions for it in the journal club by reading scientific articles. Students bring their own input (articles,state of the art technologies, projects, topics to be discussed ) to the meetings and present/show them to other participants. In this way we try to create a safe space where everybody can participate and not just listen to others. This semester, we have 20 students with different backgrounds, which provides us with different perspectives which are important to us.

We work with various sustainable business partners, where students learn how to build their own project e.g. joining project management, writing sustainable business model canvases or design thinking workshops which are led by experts and us. Our project makers for this semester are Spree Berlin, Motion LAB, Bintumani and TreeMe. We tried to cover most of the SDGs with the projects of our partners and expert talkers.

We are looking for new project partners for the next semester! It can be a research project, art project, tech & development, social education.. everything which interacts with Sustainability!

And one last thing.. If you are also engaged with sustainability and want to work with us contact us! We are looking for a new student tutor to work in our Sustain.LAB at TU Berlin.

– Bengisu Berispek