Hybrid Event

Hybrid Plattform proudly presents... the first Hybrid Event! You all know our well-established series Hybrid Talks, you may have attended a Hybrid Symposium and perhaps you were guest of a Hybrid Retreat. We felt it was time to come up with a new format, which we call “Hybrid Event”.

Future Hybrid Events will present artistic-scientific works, research, thoughts, ideas... to a wider public. Many different types of presentation formats are possible – e.g. performances, concerts, talks, discussions, lecture-performances; there is no limitation. In opposition to the Hybrid Talks, which function as a sort of kaleidoscope, in the Hybrid Event we will enter microcosms: focusing either on particular artistic/ scientific positions by one guest/ group or by bringing representatives from diverse disciplines together to exchange on a particular topic. While conceiving the format we had in mind the traditional concept of an art salon and historic examples of political, academic salons. A salon offers a room primarily for conversation in addition to presentation. In our adaptation we would like to offer a space for sharing concepts, results and consequences of artistic practice and scientific research. And we encourage a discourse as a public dialog rather than a private circle.

We are excited that Canadian Prof. Dr. Barry Truax accepted our invitation as our guest for the first edition. Truax is not only an outstanding artist-composer of electro-acoustic music but also an internationally acclaimed researcher. The founding member of the “World Soundscape Project” currently holds DAAD’s Edgard Varèse Guest Professorship for Computer Music at TU Berlin. You may find more about him and his work on his website.

This first Hybrid Event is organized in cooperation with die Reihe. Beiträge zu auditiver Kunst und Kultur, a joint series by TU Berlin’s Audio Communication Group and the degree program Sound Studies at UdK Berlin’s Berlin Career College.

We are very much looking forward to our first Hybrid Event and are hoping that many of you will join us on this adventure!

– Julia