Team rooftop, on the campus since 2018

Questions and Content

The “Rooftop” building which was designed and built during the “Solar Decathlon 2014 – Green Liver for the City” will be on display at the Charlottenburg Campus from spring 2018 and will be used as a seminar room and research laboratory in the near future. For this cause more than 40 students came together from different courses of study from TU Berlin and UdK Berlin. The following courses of study were represented: building technology, architecture, construction engineering, industrial engineering, energy and process technology and mechanical engineering. Team rooftop was supported by various national and international sponsors. It was among the final 20 participants of the contest in 2014. The team built the developed concept of the solar house in Versailles, France.

Global energy consumption is constantly rising. A great deal of that energy consumption can be attributed to buildings and private households. Within the scope of the Solar Decathlon 2014, Team rooftop was looking for a possible solution to redesign city life and take advantage of the given potential through the efficient usage of new technologies. In doing so, Team rooftop regarded cost effectiveness, social issues, and the sustainability of the project.

The team was developing a concept for sustainable homes and urban densification in ever-growing cities and plans to use the roof space of the numerous old buildings in Berlin. In order to realize the full potential of the respective houses, Team rooftop decided to develop a housing unit, which can be affixed on different buildings. This housing unit provided sufficient space for a two-person household and furthermore covers a part of the energy consumption of the subjacent building through solar energy and other sources.

Use and Target Audience

The project objective was to illuminate the topic “city life” in a new way and to find an innovative solution regarding energy efficiency. Private house owners who are not financially capable to completely renovate or to modernize their house towards energy efficiency should profit from the projects’ concept. For this purpose an integrative contracting solution was pursued since the support from private house owners and thereby a sustainable and social urban development notably implies the support for the city’s residents.

Support from the Hybrid Plattform

Hybrid Plattform supported the team by the medium of inner-university resources and project communication.