Decycling – Carbon Binding Materials

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Questions and Content

The design and architecture bureau elegant embellishments focuses on the design of new materials. They collaborated with Prof. Dr. Arne Thomas (Department of Chemistry, TU Berlin) on researching new potentials of biochar as a building and construction material. The research was mainly concerned with investigating which processes might enable the industrial or decentralized application of the material. As the production of biochar binds CO2, such applications would generate a sustainable and environmentally friendly resource. Biochar being a cost-efficient material also means that it could open up new areas of application for the intensive consumption of atmospheric carbon.

Use and Target Audience

The collaboration of creative industries and research institutions focused the setting of research goals directly on their subsequent application. This particular combination of experts facilitated solutions close to reality and a prompt implementation of the results.

Support from the Hybrid Plattform

This cooperation was conceived through Hybrid Plattform. The Hybrid Team accompanied and consulted on the research proposal, procure resources within the university and managed the project.