GaTe – Gamification: Playful Dealing with Technology for Older People

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Questions and Content

Understanding technology in a playful way: How can older users lose their fear of modern technology?

Playful behavior and curiosity are the ideal conditions for learning, among other reasons, because with this principle the person learning receives immediate feedback. This knowledge can be utilized in the development of technical applications: In designing user interfaces, interactive elements are employed to motivate the use of these applications.

The Department of Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics at the TU Berlin was investigating whether older people lose fear of contact through playful use of mobile Internet-based products and services and whether they can better be initiated into the use of modern technologies with positive interaction experiences.

In doing so, the first step was to ascertain requirements based on user-centeredness. Proposals were collected and then discussed and jointly developed further by providers, designers and developers in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). From the results, usage scenarios and prototypes were then designed. With this participatory approach to design, the researchers promised to offer application-oriented solutions for older users.

The Design Research Lab of the UdK Berlin offered their support in creating interactive prototypes. The cooperation between the TU Berlin and the UdK Berlin was selected as one of 14 institutes nationwide to take up the challenge of making human-technology interaction ready for demographic change.

Use and Target Audience

Manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunications equipment, which the research group was advising, stood to learn how to develop their products in a more application-oriented and target-group-specific way. End-users, especially the elderly in this case, will benefit from user-friendly devices.

Support from the Hybrid Plattform

Placement of partners and public relations.

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