TUB Soundscape Project

How does (the TU) Berlin sound?

In this self organized “Projektwerkstatt”, interested students explore the concepts of acoustic ecology, the relationship between people and their environment mediated by sound.

The interaction environment of the TUB campus can be used as a social and sonic commons model, a space where many people share an acoustic environment and can hear the results of each other's activities.

In this way, we aim to explore the connection between our acoustic environment, scientific data, technology, society and artistic thinking in practice on the TU Berlin campus, as well as the potential of sound and listening to serve as a socio-political tool and science communication.

In addition to theoretical and practical overviews of soundscape and acoustic ecology approaches, this module focuses on auditory perception and communication, and the project aims to combine theory with practical implementation projects and student interventions.

Through insights into different recording technologies, possible outcomes could include the successive construction of a soundscape map, sound installations- and interventions, audio papers, podcasts, a website.

It is desired to create a diverse and inclusive learning atmosphere and to apply aspects of social ecology with the help of a reasonably equal gender quota between men, women and gender-diverse people as well as a certain proportion of students of non-German origin.

SummerTerm 2022: 6 ECTS (Winterterm 3 ECTS) 
Introductory meeting: 29.04.2022, 10-14 h (Zwille) 
Language: The project should be held mainly in English, but participation is also possible for German-only speaking students
Contact person:  Ilias Mavromatis & Mariana Carvalho