The team is complete now

Image Portrait Laila Lala

© Lisa Drew

We are happy to welcome our new team member Laila Lala who will be supporting us as student assistant. She is going to work on our communication and event section an area she has already gained many experiences in. But read for yourselves!

As the leaves outside are falling and everyone huddles up even more, I enter the Hybrid Office. Welcomed by the warm and smiling faces of the team I immediately feel comfortable and am excited to be joining them on their mission to further the extend in which TU Berlin and UdK Berlin work together – interdisciplinarily, of course.

My fascination with marketing psychology led me to London in 2009 where I studied marketing, advertising communication and event management as a joint honours degree at London Metropolitan University. Being raised by a family with a hands-on approach the theoretical immersion didn’t suffice for long and soon I became a member of the University’s magazine and a cheerleader. Following my passion I then worked at a number of SMEs in most areas related to marketing – from advertising to celebrity endorsement to Social Media, from Berlin to L.A.

In 2013 I found myself as an intern for “BMW Motorrad” and my sometimes very random knowledge of all sorts of things (because most of my friends are fairly nerdy) proved to be incredibly helpful. I have always had an interest in technology, but this was the first time both of those aspects really came together. While at home I would talk to a friend about future trends and implications for all sorts of hypothetical question, the same may have been a relevant topic any other day at work. I guess, sometimes we went a little over board with our scenarios, but what would the world be without our vivid imagination? If you’re curious, I can highly recommend “What if?”, a book written and brilliantly illustrated by Randall Munroe aka xkcd, delivering scientific answers to the most random question you may have already asked yourself.

As I am a connector, I took the opportunity to be a trainee at a marketing agency after a bespoke internship and trained to be an account manager. In order to further follow my newly discovered trail of combining technology and creativity, I then decided to enrol at TU Berlin’s M.A. “Geschichte und Kultur von Wissenschaft und Technik” (history and culture of science and technology), which is where I still am today; constantly growing to see different connections and breaking through old thought patterns.

Joining the team of Hybrid Plattform I get the chance to work cross-disciplinary once again and I am thrilled to be part of this smart, innovative and forward thinking initiative. After all, it is the interdisciplinary approach that allows us to go beyond our capabilities and create new paths for the future.

– Laila