News from the office: "Hybrid Thoughts" are coming

As the days are getting shorter and the festive season comes closer, it’s time to look back at what has been, but even more importantly look forward at what is yet to come.

Working as a platform means creating a space that fosters mutual interests, stimulating interdisciplinary partnerships, in order to create something together, which is bigger than anything one person alone could have made. This is a task very dear to us here at the Hybrid Office and we continuously try and get to know even more interesting partners as well as spreading the word about our venture. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have proven itselves of great use for this. We are delighted to have connected with a number of interesting initiatives, businesses and institutions in academia, all eager to pursue the path of projects approached from different perspectives, cherishing the cross-disciplinary.

However this shall not be all! Focusing even more on connecting art and science, we are preparing to launch another format within the framework of our “weeknotes” by the beginning of the new year: “Hybrid Thoughts” – an exchange between the two subjects, opening up new perspectives, crystallising synergies, revealing contrasting aspects. One topic, two statements from experts with different backgrounds. We expect this to be a fruitful exchange, challenging common conceptions of current matters and are thrilled to share them with you. Even more so to get your feedback.

Until then we have this years final “Hybrid Talk” on virtual reality lined up for December 1.
There will be many thought-provoking ideas for a future that may be closer than we think.

Additionally we are featured in the online advent calendar created by our colleagues from
UdK Berlin. Look behind a different door every day and find out about curious spaces around campus.

Stay curious and have a wonderful festive season!

– Laila