"I8" - A performance by Michiyasu Furutani

Michiyasu Furutani, a student of the MA Solo/Dance/Authorship at Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT), presented her final research at Uferstudios Berlin last week. Her presentation was the result of two years of examinations which were associated with the field of dance, solos within different contexts and the creative process as related to theory and practice.

The presentation, called “I8”, was performed by three musicians and one dancer with live music and movement. In addition, a long pipe was suspended in the space. The spectators, who were sitting throughout the space, also influenced the overall atmosphere. 

The piece explores and develops physical reactions under the influence of gravity's function. This invisible but omnipresent force is one of the most crucial elements for generating movement in dance. In the field of Butoh, in which Furutani trained, this is also no exception. Bent limbs, symbolic representation and intensely slow and subtle movements, seemingly tend towards a connection with and a rebellion against gravity. This is accompanied by certain emotional states in order to transform into another form of being. However, in the case of this piece, it is approached from the perspective of interests in micro-scale physics, which adds an objective viewpoint that informs the movements and creates a distance between the body and the force of the gravity. 

Another aspect of the piece is Notation; not only in dance but also in music. This examines how improvisational acts are described in a prescribed score, which converges unexpected behavior with notation. The piece also incorporates instant body movements in collaboration with impromptu sounds, exploring the boundary between foreseen and unforeseen events, which exists not only in notation, but also in life.

Direction: Michiyasu Furutani
Composition: Adam Goodwin
Performance: Adam Goodwin, Caroline Cecilia Tallone, Sofia Borges, Michiyasu Furutani
Costume: Lisa Simpson
Light Design: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo
Tutorship: Sandra Noeth
Mentorship: Antja Kennedy, Margit Schild