Farewell 2016 - a turbulent year comes to an end

After a year of many exciting projects, great achievements and new colleagues and friends, it is time to press “pause” and say THANK YOU 2016!

If you entered our office these days you would notice something very crucial to us: Every desk is taken, every post is filled. The team is complete and the first Hybrid Talks on “Virtual Reality” fully staffed were a great success. True to our motto “Many is more.” we profit from the various backgrounds we come from and the divers experiences and skills we each bring with us; ready and thankful to learn from each other every day.

2016 – 70th anniversary of TU Berlin – was a wonderful year for all the people working with and promoting trans- and interdisciplinarity: Our Hybrid Lab was home to many multi-faceted events, projects and symposiums. In January we accommodated for instance the “Kollisionswoche 2016” of the UdK Berlin with a project on “Vilém Flusser and the Arts”. In spring we moved the Hybrid Lab to the beautiful, old Villa Bell in the heart of the Campus Charlottenburg – right where we belong. During the “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften” we hosted the Pecha Kucha Campus in the VW Bibliothek where projects had to be shown within 20 seconds and with only 20 images. As part of the Erasmus+ program we had a fruitful exchange with the Icelandic designer Thomas Pausz who stayed two weeks with us. Proudly we announced the launch of two hybrid must-reads: “Rethinking Prototyping” and “New Dynamics through Cooperation”. Moreover, we could send Prof. Jussi Ängleslevä from UdK Berlin to Ars Electronica ’16 and Dr. Benjamin Weiss from TU Berlin to Akademie Schloss Solitude. Additionally, in November we were awarded “Ausgezeichneter Ort 2016” by the initiative “Deutschland Land der Ideen”. Our cherry on top!

Last, but not least: Spread out over the year we organized four completely different, highly inspiring Hybrid Talks which we hope our audience enjoyed as much as we did. Of course, we’d be even happier if these have also lead to the development of innovative ideas, projects and network partners. However, if you have a mind-blowing project idea, but are still looking for funding options or project partners, please do not hesitate and get in touch with us here.

But for now we say “See you in 2017!” and wish you a reflective, yet cheerful festive season and a happy new year!

– Lina