Aurality and Environment

© Raquel Rivera

Image Aurality and Environment Speaker

© Raquel Rivera

To keep you updated about all that is happening in our Hybrid Lab which is not only used by us but also by many network or university partners, we frequently report from previous events. Today, Raquel Rivera looks back at “Aurality and Environment” which was hosted at the beginning of this month by FASE and die Reihe.

On November 4th the project “Aurality and Environment” was presented by the Spanish sound art festival FASE in collaboration with die Reihe at the Hybrid Lab. The starting point of this event was the theoretical position of the curator of FASE no.6 Alex Arteaga.

How do aurality and environment relate to one another? What are the possible interconnections between our aural practices, our auditory being-in-the-world and these worlds-around, these Um-welten? This event addresses manifest and potential correspondences between varieties of hearing, listening, sound organization and sonic interventions and the emergence of milieus from the perspectives developed by the artist-researchers Salomé Voegelin and Brandon LaBelle in dialog with Alex Arteaga.

Some answers to these questions were put forward at this venue. Brandon LaBelle made a poetic and personal journey to the emergence of a sound environment which ended with a famous song of the Rolling Stones. Salomé Voegelin approached this issue in a balance between poetic and scientific discourse, with a theoretical proposal and a delicate performance of indisputable political echoes.

It was a night of rare beauty where performance and theory were difficult to separate; or rather, the theoretical depth was made possible by the depth of the aesthetic proposals.

– Raquel