A warm welcome Angelina!

Image Angelina Werner

Since May Angelina Werner has enriched our Hybrid team, working closely with Julia Warmers on the UdK side and Nina Horstmann on the TU side coordinating all of the Hybrid Plattform activities.

Angelina Werner studied architecture at the Technische Universität Dresden and has worked as an architect in various architecture and engineering firms. From 2012 to 2014, she was involved in the development of an intercultural and interdisciplinary center for architecture and civil engineering. There she contributed to the conception of the Uzbeck-German master’s course on building conservation and monument preservation.

I think it’s exciting to look at a topic not just from one side but from many points of view. That’s why, since my architecture studies at the TU Dresden, I’ve worked in many fields – in artistic, technical and academic ones. In the architecture firm, I dedicated myself to conceptual and design prototyping, at the engineering firm carried out technical analysis in building substance investigations.

At the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in the last few years, I helped structure and coordinate the interdisciplinary and intercultural »Uzbek-German Center for architecture and civil engineering«. Six universities from Germany and Uzbekistan were involved with various areas of expertise (restoration, art history, archaeology, architecture, urban planning, cultural work, conservation, civil engineering). The aim of the center is to train generalists from the areas mentioned so that they can meet the complex subject of architectural heritage conservation in Uzbekistan from any angle. What I found exciting was the exchange between the disciplines and cultures, bringing together and weaving divergent ideas and approaches and the resulting development of this special project.

Interdisciplinary work means to me expanding one’s own horizons to see what potential can arise when different areas collide to create anew together. If one embarks on this process, gets one’s head around other disciplines and is able to interweave them with one’s own knowledge, skills and experience, the most amazing ideas arise, in my opinion, that nobody could have thought up before. This requires openness, curiosity, courage, patience, empathy, time, team spirit, trust and flexibility.

I am delighted that the Hybrid Platform provides the framework for interdisciplinary exchange and all these new projects, and I'm part of the team now, to participate in these processes and to accompany them.

- Angelina

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Mail angelina.werner[at]hybrid-plattform.org