Hybrid Talks XXXIV "Creativity"

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 6 p.m.
Hybrid Lab, TU Berlin, Marchstraße 8, 10587 Berlin

The 34th Hybrid Talks will take a closer look at a subject that plays a role in many realms: creativity. What is creativity? How does it come about? What does it do for us? The field of philosophy leads us to theories of cognition and the attempt to identify the quintessence of creativity. The question of the sources of creativity also leads to the phenomenon of boredom and its ability to provide creative impulses. Creativity contains, however, not just artistic but also economic potential if one considers how innovations emerge and their underlying mechanisms. On this evening speakers from diverse fields, including Aesthetic Education, philosophy, and entrepreneurship, will strive to render the abstract nature of “creativity” somewhat more tangible.

Following speakers will address the topic:

  • On creativity within the process of innovation
    Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer
    TU Berlin | Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
  • „Space drawing: Hand-driven thinking within real and virtual space“
    Monika Grzymala
    Sculptor, drawing and installation artist

The Hybrid Talks aim at promoting mutual inspiration and invite networking. Representatives of different disciplines encounter each other and share their perspectives on the topic “Creativity” through short 10 minutes presentations. After the presentations we will continue our exchange across individual disciplines in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Hybrid Talks are a conversation format initiated by the Hybrid Plattform, a project platform of the Berlin University of the Arts and the Technische Universität Berlin. The platform serves the cross-disciplinary exchange of art, science and technology.