Hybrid Talks XIII & Showcase “Rethinking Prototyping”

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© Konrad Exner

Thursday, 22 May 2014
Hybrid Lab, TU Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni 145, room EB 326

“Showcase Prototyping” from 4 p.m.
“Hybrid Talks” 6 p.m.

Prototyping is everywhere. The first hand drawing on a beer coaster is already part of a chain of visualizations and materializations on their way to an idea being carried out. Every finished product is in principle a prototype, because the next series can benefit from lessons learned from the predecessors. Individual products can be produced quickly with rapid manufacturing methods from the prototyping tool kit, something that will change our concept of individualized production and mass production. For the Hybrid Talks on 22 May 2014, we'll take a close look to discover areas where prototyping is abound, where you might not expect to find them at first glance – be it a product, service or artwork.

There will be contributions by:

  • Dr.-Ing. Johann Habakuk Israel | Fraunhofer IPK, Virtual Product Creation
    “Über die allmähliche Verfertigung der Gedanken beim Skizzieren und Prototypen”

  • Moritz Fleischmann | henn architekten
    “Prototype & Experiment – an architectural perspective”

  • Konrad Exner
    TU Berlin | Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management (IWF)
    “Erlebbare Prototypen und Dienstleistungen mit Smart Hybrid Prototyping”

  • Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä, Simon Deeg and Andreas Picker
    Folkwang UdK| UdK Berlin | IZM – Institute of Timebased Media
    “sowing machines”

  • Luis Berrios-Negrón
    “Turtles and its Forms of Knowledge”

In addition to the talks this time, we'll be holding a “Showcase Prototyping” exhibition. This exhibition presents work in progress to illustrate current prototyping methods and certain prototypes themselves.

The Hybrid Talks aim at promoting mutual inspiration and networking. Representatives of different disciplines meet and elaborate in short presentations of ten to twelve minutes on a topic from their point of view. After the presentations, the participants will have the possibility to talk about and exchange ideas beyond their usual disciplines.

In cooperation with »Rethinking Prototyping«, funded by Einstein Foundation Berlin.

© Einstein Stiftung