Hybrid Talks XII “New Musical Instruments”

Image of New Musical Instruments

© Alberto De Campo

Thursday, 6 February 2014, 6. p.m.
Alte Bibliothek, Hardenbergstraße 33, room 101/102, UdK Berlin

Any object that can emit sound or noise can serve, in principle, as a musical instrument, but only a few instruments actually succeed in highlighting the virtuosity and expressiveness of music and the artist. Numerous new instruments hit the stage every year to be performed with – and recently their aim has been to push the artist back into the musical fore; however, only a few of these actually fulfill this intention.

For the twelfth Hybrid Talks we shall embark on the quest for these new hybrid performative instruments, which make music into more than simply an organized form of sound-events. You can look forward to talks from:

You can look forward to talks among others from:

The Hybrid Talks aim at promoting mutual inspiration and networking. Representatives of different disciplines meet and elaborate in short presentations of ten to twelve minutes on a topic from their point of view. After the presentations, the participants will have the possibility to talk about and exchange ideas beyond their usual disciplines.