Hybrid Talks VII “The City of the Future”

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[] © Valkanova »Reveal-it!«

Thursday, April 25 ,2013, 6 p.m. Café Skyline, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7,
TEL-Building, TU Berlin (20th floor)

Who still dreams of a house in the country these days? The question seems justified given that half of the world’s population lives in cities already. But what makes the city so attractive, and how can we ensure that it remains that way in the future? The rapid growth in population in large cities results in numerous challenges, which in addition to aspects of sustainable urban planning and social development, include issues of mobility and the space for public discourse.

With the following contributions:

  • Prof. Raoul Bunschoten (Professor of Sustainable Urban Planning and Urban Design, Department of Architecture, TU Berlin) 
    “Smartness: Accessory or Survival?”
  • Nina Valkanova (Interaction Design, University Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, guest researcher, T-Labs)
    “Citizen Data and the Public Space”
  • Reinhard Müller (executive board, EUREF AG)
    “Der EUREF-Campus – heute das Stadtquartier von morgen”
  • Dr. Hans Liudger Dienel (scientific director, Center for Technology and Society, TU Berlin)
    “Leit- und Schreckbilder für die Stadt der Zukunft – die didaktische Funktion von Szenarien”

The Hybrid Talks are an invitation to inspire one another and to network. Representatives of various disciplines meet and shed light on a subject from their own perspective in brief presentations ten two twelve minutes long. The exchange across the boundaries between disciplines can continue after the talks.

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