Hybrid Talks IV “Spaces of Knowledge”

Hybrid Talks - Spaces for Education

Thursday, June 28 2012, 6 p.m.
Geodätenstand at TU Berlin, main building, Altbau Room H 6101

The fourth Hybrid Talks will focus on spaces of knowledge and their changes and developments. What are spaces of knowledge on a small and large scale? What is contemporary learning?


  • Anja Osswald (Triad) introduces the Factory for Urban Future in the context of generating, manipulating and mediating of knowledge.

  • Jeanne-Françoise Fischer and Eveline Jürgens (Design and Construction, UdK Berlin) look into the transformations of knowledge and, correspondingly, at the changing requirements to architectural space.

  • Susanne Stövhase and Caroline Paulick-Thiel (nextlearning) present the concept for the nextlearning Festival and the results of their workshop at Vision Summit 2012.

  • Matthias Ballestrem and Christian Seidel (Building Construction and Design, TU Berlin) explore innercity European campuses in respect to their effects on the city.

  • Michelle Thorne and Fabian Mürmann (Hive Network Berlin) introduce the pilot project Hive Network, which aims at familiarizing youth with digital media.

The Hybrid Talks provide an opportunity for mutual exchange and inspiration. Short presentations by multiple speakers allow a multifaceted view on one subject and an opportunity for conversation.

Did you miss the last Hybrid Talks? Here we share with you the audio recordings of the presentations!