Hybrid Talks II “Movement and Space”

Image Hybrid Talks "Movement and Space"

Versuchshalle des Fachgebiets Fluidsystemdynamik © TU Berlin

Thursday, February 9, 2012, 6 p.m. TU Berlin, Versuchshalle (test hall), Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Technical Acoustics (ISTA)

The next Hybrid Talks will take place on February 9 at 6 p.m.; the theme is “Movement and Space.”

What questions are raised by the movements of bodies and objects in space, and how do different scholars and disciplines approach these questions? What does this mean for the work of a robotics expert, and how does a choreographer deal with the challenges of movement and space?

Guests are:

The speakers’ talks address very different aspects: The engineer Prof. Dr. Paul Uwe Thamsen will present current research on the dynamics of fluid systems. Prof. Dr. Oliver Brock will address how robots and proteins (and people) move in the interplay between occupied and free space. Prof. Nik Haffner will show projects concerned with visualizing movement and discuss the questions they raise. Prof. Gasteier will present projects that use KINECT for interaction in spatial situations ranging from games to practical applications.

The Hybrid Talks are held in various places on the Campus Charlottenburg, and this time there will be an opportunity to get a close look at the turbines and pumps of the experiment laboratory for fluid dynamics.

The Hybrid Talks are an invitation to inspire one another and to network. Representatives of various disciplines meet and shed light on a subject from their own perspective in brief presentations ten two twelve minutes long. The exchange across the boundaries between disciplines can continue after the talks.

Did you miss the last Hybrid Talks? Here we share with you the audio recordings of the presentations!