Here, you find information about the Hybrid Plattform to download. For press inquiries and further information please contact one of the project coordinators.

Information material of Hybrid Plattform

Print material and the results of the Hybrid Plattform accompanying research (“Begleitforschung” - only available in German with an English summary from page 66 onwards) can be found here.





Research (“Begleitforschung”)

The Power of Distributed Perspectives

Rethinking Prototyping

Urban Traces – Wahrnehmung im öffentlichen Raum: Im Freiraum der Hybrid Plattform


Questionnaire For Interested Cooperation Partners

Whether you have a specific project in mind, a problem you’d like to solve, or just want to kick around some ideas – here you will find a questionnaire for those interested in cooperating with us.