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Besides the course for students, the team of lab:present organizes a seminar series with presentations and discussions in which speakers of UdK Berlin and TU Berlin will highlight the connection between art and science.

The series will continue on July 27th 2017, 4 pm at the Villa Bell (Gerhard Ertl Center). Chilean artist Michelle-Marie Letelier will be presenting her project "Offshore Pathways", which will be excibited at the Biennale Buenos Aires in September. Andrea Heilrath from lab:present will follow up with a short introduction into the physical concept of Entropy, which complements the artistic project.

07/27 2017, 4pm, in the Villa Bel (Gerhard Ertel Center), Marchstraße 6, on the TU campus. Contact: Fabian.Kruse(at)

The events are public and the admission is free.

Guests at previous events were:

Jan Verwoert, curator and guest professor at UdK Berlin, "How do abstraction and materiality relate to each other (in contemporary art and science)?" (June 30th 2017)

Prof. Dr. Martin Kiel, guest professor at the Institute for Theory and Practice of Communication at UdK Berlin.



Project Content

lab:present allows students of TU Berlin and UdK Berlin to present to a wide audience projects and assignments, which have been developed in the course of their studies. A range of interesting student projects are carried out in connection with their studies but unfortunately stay hidden within the framework of the university – in practical courses and seminars – and do not exceed the concept of beginners’ exercises. lab:present recognizes great potential in these projects and supports aspiring scientists and artists to present their work in its full and enhanced form to a wide public.

The lab:present project allows students to show their works, lab results, study results and calculations in public situations. Students can assess both their own work and the work of others and have the possibility to try out different methods of presentation.

Within the frame of the lab:present project students have the chance to practice working and communicating efficiently and reliably as a group. In addition, they learn to reach out to event organizers and to present their ideas to future partners. They subsequently have the opportunity to show and discuss their results in front of a wide audience. By these means the students become ambassadors of interdisciplinary and liberal university education.

Benefits and Target Group

The target group of the project are students of the TU Berlin and the UdK Berlin, who wish to professionally present one of their projects or assignments to an audience. These presentations may take the form of talks, videos, art installations or even bewildering visuals in the clubs of Berlin.

lab:present aims to enable networking and to present the products of university education (sometimes) in places where they are least expected. This way the students must learn to defend and explain their pieces of work. Far from the security of their university courses, their work pieces become interdisciplinary through open discussion.

A further target group involves those who are inclined to pass on their knowledge and insight as teachers to fellow students. We particularly support students who wish to develop teaching videos or other teaching mediums.

Support Hybrid Plattform

Consulting and support for funding acquisition, proposal writing and assistance in the project delivery and communication.